Spaenaur Charts & Guides

The charts and guides go deeper than these simple metrics: Read more

Spaenaur Charts

Fractions, Decimals, & Millimeters Chart

From standard to unusual sizes, convert fractions with decimals Read More

Metric Tables & Metric Table Equivalent Chart

These metric system measurement charts and guides cover Read More

Spaenaur’s Fraction & Decimal Equivalent Chart

This is your typical chart – perfect for printing as a Read More

Fastener Torque Conversion Chart

This guide shows fastener torque values and clamping force for Read More

Tensioning Loads and Tightening Torques Chart & Guide

How to assess tension loads and tightening torques guide. Read More

Thread Size Comparison Chart

North American, British, Imperial, and Metric thread size Read More

Screws Head Dimensions Chart – Inch

This chart and guide covers machine and sheet metal screws with Read More

Head Dimensions Chart – Metric

This chart covers slotted cheese, slotted pan, slotted oval, Read More

How to Choose Tapping Screws

Spaenaur’s tapping screw selector guide includes: thread Read More

Recommended Drill & Hole Sizes for AB & B Tapping Screws

No.2 to No.14 diameter of screws recommended drill hole sizes.Read More

Tapping Screws Recommended Drill & Hole Sizes for TYPES “AB” & “B”

Screw size and thread per inch, metal thickness – in steel in aluminum Read More

Spaenaur Guides

Spaenaur Guides

Corrosion Guide: From Acetate Solvents to Zinc Sulfite

Buyers, Metallurgists, and Engineers alike are continually Read More

Compound Selection Guide

Comparative properties of natural and synthetic rubbers: Read More

Plastics Properties Chart

Specific gravity, tensile strength (PSI), elongation, compressive Read More